• Do you have a size guide?
    Yes – under 20×20 pixels is Mini, under 50×50 pixels is small, under 100×100 pixels is medium, under 200×200 is large, under 500×500 is huge, anything over 500×500 is mega. You can search for all patterns of a certain size by searching for the tag or selecting it from the tag cloud.
  • I can’t save the chart.
  • Use the form on the help page to request a copy. I’ll e-mail it out to you as soon as I am able.
  • Why do the colours look lighter on your chart to on my stitching?
    I reduce the intensity of the colours by 20% to make it easier to see the symbols on very dark colours.
  • Why do you only accept sprite requests?
    Honestly? Because I am not talented enough to do other patterns. The majority of large patterns are saved as jpegs or gifs and have been compressed at some point. When images are compressed they tend to get colour noise, instead of having one shade of colour you will have several. A similar issue arises when dithering is used. The resulting image ends up having many more colours than I can handle. For example, I tried to convert a vaporeon image that had dithering used. The resulting pattern had 40 colours and it was the same size as the other patterns I make. There’s not that many shades of green-blue available in DMC or Anchor.
  • What program do you use to make your patterns?
    I don’t use one single program; my patterns aren’t just screenshots or exports. I use a pattern maker and an awful lot of editing in photoshop, colour matching and conversion, etc. If you’re looking for something to make your own patterns I recommend My Photo Stitch.
  • Why do some charts have the same colours listed for two different symbols?
  • Sometimes the differences between colours are so slight that there’s no equivalent shades of thread available. Where that happens I use the nearest match or if there isn’t an appropriate match, I will list the same colour for two symbols.
  • What size needle should I use?
    Guide coming soon