Men Who Make

Men Who Make

I was reading one of the craft blogs I follow and the author’s written a really interesting post about famous (and sexy) men who knit. It’s really nice to see crafting becoming more popular among men. Every cross stitch magazine I’ve read has had at least one reader letter from a man who is too embarrassed to admit to his friend that he embroiders. Women have demanded recognition for involving themselves with crafts that are traditionally a men’s pursuit for years, so why don’t men do the same? I think it’s wonderful that men are more interested in crafting these days, I’ve seen amazingly creative things done by women fiddling with electronics or carpentry and even blacksmithing that a man may never have contemplated, and I think they could bring as many innovative ideas to the world of “women’s crafting”.

Are you a male crafter and proud? Good on you! Are you a woman who likes a man who can make? Go look at those sexy famous men at once.

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  1. Although he doesn’t get much time for it, my husband does do some cross stitching and also knows how to sew 🙂

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