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  1. Micki :-) says:

    Hi Vicky, I love your blog. It was interesting to hear your perspective on the group. I am afraid that I too love starting new projects. I get all excited about how great it will be but once started I eventually fizzle. Add to that the fact that I am a slow stitcher and that makes for a lot of unfinished projects. I like your future Christmas decorations and remember that no matter how much or how little you do, the important thing is that you do something. By the way, do you use
    “Thread Heaven”? I have heard that it is a big help in these cases. I hate doing French Knots so a lot of times I replace them with beads. 🙂 P.S. I enjoyed the blog and have bookmarked it so I can return and visit again.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your kind words Micki! I do use thread heaven, I couldn’t manage without it! I am thinking of getting some white/pearly coloured seed beads to use on the mistletoe, but I’m not very good with beads either!

  2. Emalthya says:

    Not sure about any more, but once upon a time I was a serial starter.

    *Stands* Hi. I’m Em. And it’s been about three years since I last started something I didn’t finish. *Pause* Hoooowever, I still haven’t finished it…

    I’m now trying to finish all the sets I began and did three of (and there are four), all the things I cut out aida for and measured up but didn’t start, and all the things I started sewing and didn’t finish. Also, using my extra floss from kits to blanket-stitch the hems of my old umhemmed, or interfacing hems (They get yuckeh).

    I only start projects now if it’s very special… Like a gift for someone who is terrible to buy for. *Cough*WHOVIANS*Cough*

    I’m dying to start some of these on your site, but I made a commitment… (And that set of four Winnie the Pooh stitches will look much better when I do Tigger.) So after them ^^ LAPRAS!

    • admin says:

      I have very neatly cut squares of aida and bobbins set aside too! It means I can never find the colours I need because I put them somewhere safe for a project I never got around to starting. And I understand about the commitment, you’ll feel so good when you’ve got it done!

  3. Mora says:


    I entered the Bookmark competition on StitchingPirates on deviantART awhile back, and I had my first experience with metallic thread when I decided to design my own bordering. Such an awful experience! I hate it about as much as I hate stamped cross-stitch. xD I put my metallic thread away in my thread sorter box and haven’t touched it since.

    The depressing part is how excited I was to use metallic thread, and how pretty it would look on the piece. It didn’t ruin it but it was really difficult to do. xD

    I’m not much of a serial starter. I’m more of a “compulsively buy every kit you see because they’re all so gorgeous and will all look awesome when finished then never get around to even opening half of them”. Compulsive kit buyer would probably sum me up nicely, lol. I always finish my projects though, even if I have mutiple going at a time they don’t sit for very long. I can’t move on until they’re finished. I generally have one or two I dislike but I tinker around with between projects I generally enjoy doing, or while doing a big project. (Specifically a cute green frog on glow-in-the-dark stamped fabric. It sounds cool but it’s NOT. D: )

    • admin says:

      A glow in the dark frog sounds awesome! I agree with you on metallic thread, it looks awesome and adds so much to a finished piece, although I think in this case it’s a bit too much. I think it’s far better used to add that extra something to a project rather than be all the project. I’m thinking of using the spare tags to do some with normal thread, and then just using metallics for the ribbons & stars, etc.

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